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These are some of the losses in our office. As well as this mess, none of our computers worked any more. It was either power surges or water damage, we don't really know. All we know is they are not working any longer. Also, someone who was using our office was also lifting things. Our coffeemaker, kettle, all our chairs on wheels, all our powerbars, etc... gone... missing..

According to the insurance adjuster's report we had NO water damage!

All our paper goods were destroyed by that non-existant water. It smelled something awful in there.

Box upon box of pamphlets, newsletters, assorted paperwork, etc. went into the garbage. You can see on these boxes there are definite water lines and they are significantly high up the boxes.

Books we had, ruined. Chart paper for our easel destroyed and now covered in mold.

Another clear water line. More paper ruined beyond even getting a few sheets of it out.

Ceiling is nothing but bubbles, some of which have burst and fallen.

Mold everywhere. It really smelled bad in here after all this time. We didn't regain access to this room for about a year. We got a glimpse one day and we took some of these pictures earlier on when that time was available to pop in there. The rest of the pics were taken later when we finally regained access to start over.    
Water damage on the wall. This is beside and behind a large blue cabinet we have.

And all this and we didn't have any water damage according to the insurance adjuster the City used. Remarkable... What's more remarkable is our old Superintendant stood in it up to his ankles!


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