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This seminar was a joy for everyone. Our "Wellness Day". We had manicures, facials and were taught relaxation exercises to get us through the day. This was brought to us through Hospice Toronto's Creating Caring Communities program.

being taught relaxation exercises   listening and learning
(L) Norma teaching relaxation exercises. (R) Listening and Learning..

Elizabeth getting her very first manicure!   listening and learning
(L) Elizabeth getting her first manicure! (R) Learning the art of relaxation.

lunch   listening and learning
(L) Thessa & Gloria getting lunch ready. (R) Waiting for their turn and listening to how to relax.

Breath in and out...    ahhh a facial
(L) Breathing exercises. Deep breaths.. (R) Ashley gets her first facial.

Helen gets pampered   Eunice our vegetarian chef and Varlo one of our volunteers take a rest at the end of the day.
(L) Helen gets the full treatment and pampered. (R) Eunice and Varlo take a rest after the end of the day.


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